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Finishing the armature

You should now have a nice wireframe figure with two swords.
Because it still lacks some body and Fimo clay doesn't stick on wire too well, it's time to wrap the wireframe in tinfoil.

You'll need about 10" square of tinfoil. This doesn't have to be one sheet, you can use small pieces and left-overs.
Start with a piece of 1" x 3" of tinfoil, wrap the end of it round a leg of your figure and work your way up until the piece is wrapped tightly round the leg. Repeat this for the other leg, the arms and the body.

If you already have a clear picture of your figure's appearance, use tinfoil and pieces of styrofoam wrapped in tinfoil to flesh out the body.

As described in the preparation, Dakius is very strong, so I assume he's very muscular. This means I'll have to flesh out the upper arms and chest a little. Remember you have to model clay on it as well, and this will add another layer on the figure, so don't overdo it or you'll end up with a slightly overweight Dakius!