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Creating the base

We're almost there! All that's needed now is a base to set Dakius on. Then you can model the boots. Finally he has to get some hair, a broadsword and a cloak on his back, and maybe some more details.

To create the armature for a base you'll need something that's quite strong and not too heavy. For now, I'm using cardboard.

Take a piece of cardboard or a thick paper sheet. Draw an open box, using a ruler. See the picture on the left.

Cut out the base, fold and glue it, and make it into a box.
Wrap it in tinfoil.

Attaching Dakius to the base

You can put Dakius on the base and model the feet to set him on the base, but it's better to attach him by pinning him down first. You do this by taking a cocktail-stick, break it in two, and stick the two parts in the base at the place of the feet. Remove the sticks again, and stick them upside down in the holes. Now, take Dakius and pin his feet on the sticks. If you see a little piece of cocktail-stick sticking through, cut it off or conceal it with some clay (just give him some good, thick boots).