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So the first thing to do is look at some pictures. Like the pictures for the manta ray, it's easiest to go to Altavista or Corbis and search the net for "orang utang' pictures.

Below are some of the pictures I found. These may provide you with enough idea's on the details for the utang, or you can gather some more pictures.

Note the face with the circle of red hair around it, the head resting between the shoulders with virtually no neck, and the muscular back.

Furthermore, the pictures below show the length of the arms and legs and the shape of the hands and "feet". Orang utang really have hands for feets! A bit strange when you're working on the model, but as it gets more shape, you'll see that it really looks lifelike.

Try to make some sketches based on the pictures of the utang. If gives you a feeling for the length of the arms, legs and body, and it's a good check to see if you really noticed all details and shapes of the utang. To the right is the sitting utang.

The other sketch on the right shows a dangling orang utang. It illustrates the way I think the shoulder blades, back and legs will be positioned.