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Wizard/Sorceress: modeling

The modeling steps are mostly the same as in the main course. Just look trough them and see which steps apply to your figure. You might for example skip all steps about the body because your wizard might wear a long robe. And because of that, you can also simplify the shoulder and neck, which leaves you with only the head to worry about.

For a wizard: after you've done the head, don't do the beard yet. Add it to the body, work through until you finished detailing the robe on the body, and then add the beard. This gives a better result. Otherwise, you have to work on the robe and the collar with a beard in the way.

For a sorceress: depending on the type of robe and how much it reveals you'll have to do more or less modeling on the body, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. For example, if you model leaves part of her arms bare, model the arms first, then add the robe later on, draping it around the arms.

Modeling the robe

A robe is a fairly heavy, loose fitting garment covering most of the body. Fill up the gap between the legs with tinfoil if you haven't alreasy done so. Don't use clay to fill up the gap, that will make it harder to bake!

Model the robe by using flattened pieces of clay, working from the waist down. Make the folds by pressing the rounded tip of the crochet-hook in the clay in a light downwards stroke. Don't overdo it! Too many folds and your wizard looks like he's wearing a curtain!
After that, work your way up to the collar. If you haven't already got an idea about how and if you want a collar, take a look at some fantasy pictures to get some inspiration.