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Spaceman Spiff: modeling

Modeling Spiff is relatively easy once you've got your armature right. Cover the armature with a layer of clay. as you're doing the hands, push any excess of clay from the fingers to the wrist, thus creating the rim of the gloves. Add little rolls of clay to the shoulders. Then add a little clay to the feet, creating the boots.

To create the head, cover it a relative thick layer of clay create the mouth by pushing the lower part of the sphere apart. Add a round ball of clay where you want the nose to be. Smooth it out a little.

For creating the cool Spiff glasses, use a flat piece of clay, cut out the shape of the glasses and put it on Spiff's head. Cover up any space between the glasses and the face so it stays fixed, and to make it easier to paint later on.

Add two round ears. Now, for the hair, use triangle shaped pieces of clay and put it on top of the head. Smooth them out on the head a bit, but try to keep them spikey and overlapping.

For details, add a belt and the lightning symbol.