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Easy conditioning clay

The clays described here are all polymer clays. I've categorized them here because of their easy conditioning quality. This means you don't have to knead them real long and hard before you can use them. They're softer than the polymer clays in the 'more durable' category. I know, this is all a bit subjective, but I'm only trying to give an overview of the types of clay available to make it easier for you to find 'that special clay you were looking for all your life'.

Brands in this category are Creall-Term, Cernit and Sculpey. I have only tried Creall-Term myself so I'll comment on that in detail.

Creallterm is a soft clay mostly used for creating dolls. Ria Odijk, a Dutch doll-creator, helped develop this clay after using Fimo for some years. This means it really has some qualities that sets it apart from clays like Fimo.

I think it's the fact that it doesn't crumble that makes it so suitable for creating faces, hands, etc. It's also very soft so you can smooth it out easily, creating really smooth faces. I've used this clay for creating the Giger sculpture. Because of the smooth quality of the clay, I did had some trouble with the hard rectangular shapes and the details of the sculpture. That's why I think it's not really suitable for creating small, detailed sculptures.

Strong points Weak points
Doesn't crumble Not for small details
Easy smoothable Soft, tends to meld in your hand