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Flexible clays

This is a funny range of clays. Flexible clay is just as it says on the package: it stays bendable after you've baked it!

Especially with my method of using iron wire as an artmature, it's a great way to make those nice figures you can place on your desktop, like a Mickey Mouse from which you can bend the big gloved hands so it can wave at you. Or you can create a funny figure to hang on your car's rear view mirror with a thread.

Described here are two brands of flexible polymer clay.

There's a flexible clay from the Sculpey family called Flexiclay. To work with it's very much like the clays in the 'easy conditioning' category, with the same strong and weak points. I find it a bit soft to work with, and your figures aren't too flexible. If you've sculped an arm and flex it back and forth, back and forth, the clay will eventually tear. But maybe I'm going a bit to the extreme to test these clays. Buy some and try it out. It might just be the perfect clay for you!

Strong points Weak points
Stays flexible A bit soft clay
Easy to condition Tears after heavy use

This is another flexible clay from. It's softer than Superflex and only available in cream color (so you have to paint it), but it stays really flexible after baking!
If you use iron wire as an armature you can bend and twist it until finally, not the clay, but the iron wire gives out and snaps.

Strong points Weak points
Stays really flexible Very soft, melts in your hand
  Only available in cream color