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Additional sculpting tools

These, I think, are additions to your set of sculpting tools. Usually, the need for an additional tool arises then you're faced with a specific sculpting task, like creating dragon scales or reptile skin. When that need arises, look around! You may find the perfect tool is on your desk, right under your nose!

  • plastic straw; perfect for making dragon scales. just punch 'em out with the straw.
  • old paint brushes of various sizes, with bristles removed; Press or adjust the thin metal cylinder that is used for holding the bristles into a round or square shape. This can then be used to make scales quickly and efficiently. It works even better than a straw. (added by Kelly Godel)
  • an empty propelling pencil; good for making tiny circles for e.g. lizard skin. use it in combination with the empty paint brushes to create a various sized skin texture.
  • golf tees are nice tools to use and are inexpensive.
  • dental tool; it is also handy to get friendly with your dentist. When one tip breaks on the it is usually thrown away. Just request that your dentist throw them YOUR way, carefully that is, so you can use the tip on the other end.
  • own clay tools; it is also a good idea to make your own tools out of clay and a stick. You can make any shape you want for whatever need you have. (last three tool tips added by TLC Creations)
  • own metal tools; can be made by flattening the end of a wire with a hammer, and then shaping the tip with a file.
  • tweezers; are handy when you find out that your fingers are to big to handle some things effectively. Adam Wiseman (who also added the previous tool tip) made his own tweezers by flattening both ends of a wire, and bending the wire in the middle so the ends almost touch. It gives more control than commercial tweezers.

If you have found a perfect tool which I haven't mentioned, please let me know and I'll include it in this overview.