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Modeling: legs and feet

If you're happy with the arms, model the muscles on the legs. Mostly, you can cheat a bit if your figure is wearing breeches and high boots, because most of the legs are covered then. But it's a good exercise to do leg muscles.

Model the upper leg muscle with a thick roll of clay. Smooth it out to the knee.
Model the knee. Just take one or two balls of clay and model these at knee hight, so it looks convincing.
Turn your model around and model the back of the upper leg.

Turn your figure back again and model the lower part of the legs. On the front there's almost no muscle, but the shin bone. This should be modeled as a straight line from knee to foot.
On the back of the lower leg you can model the calf, which consists of tho parts, with two rolls of clay. Start them on the left and right side of the knee and work down. The part on the outer side of the leg should end a bit lower.
If all's well, you'll end up with a hollow part at the back of the knee.

Modeling the feet

Feet are done similar to hands. In the models I've made so far, I was able to cheat a bit because my figures all had shoes or boots.

Boots are fairly easy to do: take a piece of clay, flatten it and wrap it around the end of the foot. Bend the end forward. This will make the toe part. Flatten the sides around the ankle and shin. You'll notice that, if you flatten it out, the clay tends to accumulate at the top. This is perfect for the end of the boot. Round this part and you've got a boot. You can add another flat strip of clay and add it to the top of the boot, near the knee to create a flap of leather.

I'll work out feet in the case studies when I get to it. Keep looking for models without boots in the case studies.