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Kae t'il 2

Kae t'il is the new AD&D roleplaying character of my brother Guus. His old character Zygo was crushed by giants and couldn't be raised from the dead.
I wasn't totally happy with my previous Kae t'il (see Kae t'il) so I decided to make another one after seeing a picture of a game called Diablo II in a games magazine. There was this great picture of a hero with a big battle axe and a kilt-like skirt. That was exactly like I wanted to do my model, so I modeled it after this image.

The model is 28mm high (not counting the plactic base) and was made using a self made iron wire frame on which I sculped Kneadatite in several layers.

Picture from Diablo II, taken from the PC Zone Benelux games magazine

The last image is how the epoxy model looked like before it was painted.