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Early 1999, I discovered another kind of clay: epoxy. This is a two-component based clay that harders in a few hours after you knead the two components together. See Miniature figure sculpting by Bob Lippman for instructions how to use it.

It's great for 30mm figures, but working with it is quite different from polymer clay like Fimo. I found I had to experiment a bit before I could make an epoxy model. Besides are the models I've made so far.

Roborally Bots Fantasy roleplaying figures

Self-designed Roborally bots (except 2; they are based on Robot Wars)
Width: 25 mm
Finished feb 2003

Kae t'il 2
height: 28mm
finished: march 2000

Kae t'il
height: 28mm
finished: january 2000

height: 28mm
finished: april 1999

height: 41mm
finished: march 1999