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There is a lot to say about miniature painting. First of all it's fun. You can gradually see your dull metal miniature change into a nice, brightly colored figure.
Then, it's fun to show your figures to others and to use them in play (e.g. playing AD&D).
Over the years, I've gradually begun to get a better understanding of miniature painting. It's important to have good materials: 0 or 00 brushes, fine acrylic paint, etc. This really makes a difference.
Well, in stead of saying more about miniature painting, I'll show you some of the figures I've recently painted.

RoboRally Miniatures

RoboRally is a great board game for 3 to 8 players. It comes with 8 metal 35mm bots, one for each player. Each bot has an arrow on its base. The idea was to give all the bots a different arrow (base) color.
Check out the bots below. Each bot is clickable for a bigger version.

Twitch was the first RoboRally bot I painted. It has a nice construction line on its base.

Spin bot
Spin bot has a checkered body. That wasn't easy to do, but looks good I think.

Trundle bot
A tank based, military colored bot.

Hulk X90
This was a terrible bot to paint because it hasn't got any small features. Everything's big. A bit like the bot from "Lost in Space".

This is the favorite bot of the Roboralliers and wins the game most of the time. It's also the only bot that knows the bots are doomed.

Hammer bot
This bot moves on a hovercraft cushion. On it's front it has "don't move" in a tiny font. Hammer away!

Zoom bot
Zoom bot is fast! I especially like the eyes of this bot.

Squash bot
I wanted to make this a little "War of the Worlds" kinda bot. Thats why I gave it a purple decoration on its top.


You can buy a lot of nice AD&D miniatures. The latest set I bought were some orcs. My girlfriend painted two of them, I did the other two.
In stead of photographing them, I just dropped them on my flatbed scanner, and scanned them, which worked ok.
Each orc is clickable for a bigger version.

Gardug's the leader. He's got a big axe and a lot of skulls.

Grugar's Gardug's right hand. He's found some very old armor.

Hagdish's has made a nice cap from the skin of a fire lizard. He's ambitious te become the leader.

Vrul's the youngest of the orc clan. He hasn't got good armor, but has already taken a nice dagger from his latest victim.

Let me know what you like or dislike about this paint jobs. I'm not a professsional (miniature) painter, so if you've got any advice, please share it with me.