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While playing AD&D and looking at the fantasy art, I stubled upon the Darksun world and it's fantastic art. Most of it was done by an artist named Gerald Brom. And after seeing his Darkwerks, I was hooked and had to bring a Brom painting to live! His paintings got a absolute dark, powerfull atmosphere, and with a great eye for detail.

This is my first attemp in trying to recreate that kind of image. It's a cross between X*cess (shown on the left) and Reaver. Doing so in 3d proved to be very hard: the figure had to look good not only from the front, but from the side and the back too, there's no background to set the atmoshpere, and you cannot cheat with the pose to have it look good op paper (I think Brom cheated a little in that area, the poses of Reaver and Excess look great but are hard to do in real life, out of balance, with a twisted hip, and the legs of Excess can't be the same size).

The colors on the photos below aren't too great, her hair is really purple like the Brom picture and she has no tan at all, but I hope these still give an impression.

Because I created the bone and muscle structure underneath the leather clothing it looks really tight-fitting and the muscles show great through the rips in the clothing, I think.

On the right is a detail of the legs. I've tried to create the leather-look and the details like the button row and the rips in the leather.

I did that the hard way, rolling small rolls op Premo to create each strip of leather.

I gave her some piercings and a chain from her mouth to her ear.

I'm not 100% happy yet, I think she could have a bit more expression in her pose and face...maybe I'll create another one. And if you're inspired and want to create a figure yourself, check out the course and learn it's not as hard as it looks.

© The picture of X*cess is copyrighted by Gerald Brom, and is shown here only as a reference.

Below are two pictures of how the figure looked unpainted.