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Doorplate 29

After creating a doorplate for my brother and his girlfried we (my girlfriend and me) had to create a doorplate for our own house too. We recently moved and wanted to have a doorplate that stood out as something special and different.
Because we both have a love for Jugendstil and Art Deco (Art Nouveau), this doorplate is inspired by this movement.
We tried to capture the arcs and flowing movements of the lines, typical for Jugendstil. My girlfried Mignon did most of the work, including painting the doorplate.

It's made with a cardboard armature covered in tinfoil. Over this a first layer of Fimo, to make a smooth surface whereupon the rest of the artwork's done by rolls of clay to make the branches and where necessary made them broader (usually at the stem of the branch or in the edges).

Unlike most of the Fimo creations, this one isn't all Fimo: the flowers are real beads!