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Dragon Family

dragon family picture For my brother's wedding with his fiancee in the summer of 2002, my girlfriend and I wanted to make something special. She created the wedding figures for the top of the wedding cake. Together we created a dragon family on a mountain. I made the dragon figures and mountain, and she painted it all.

It became a race against time because I started a bit late and had to work on the project almost every evening to get it done in time.
dragon family picture Doing 1 dragon is fun, doing 4 is a headache. The small, just out the egg was the most fun to do. He's best seen in the last picture.

In the picture besides you can see the dragon hoard.
dragon family picture The mountain was made of Paperclay. To fill the gaps between the dragons and the mountain I used air-dried clay, so I didn't have to fit the whole thing into the oven.

I've had my share of dragons for the moment, it will be a long time before sculpting another dragon...but you'll never know, sometimes a great idea pops up and lets you grab pen and paper to sketch and create...see the polymer clay course if you're planning to model dragons yourself and want to have some tips.