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Celtic cross

This celtic cross is a copy from the cross-slab in Aberlemno, near Forfar (Angus). The original is 2.3 m high.
The front shows a cross with a rich celtic knotwork decoration, and the back depicts a battle with foot soldiers and horsemen.
I've called this a celtic stone, because of the decoration, but it's really a Pictish stone. Anyway, I haven't seen the original in real life. I made it from a picture in a book about Celts and Picts.

The base is made of cardboard and styrofoam, wrapped with aluminium foil, and covered with clay. The decorations are modelled onto the clay base, in stead of carved in the clay. This gives a much better result.
The tiny decorations don't show too well on the low resolution pictures above, but there are 12 blocks of celtic knotwork on the front and 5 horsemen and 4 foot soldiers on the back.