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Hawkman sat on his chair, uneasy and shifting position this way and that, one leg up, then down, then up again, waiting for some action and news on his campain. Finally his hawk returned. Hawkman held up his gloved hand for the hawk to sit on. It landed on his hand, folded its wings and began to chatter. Patiently Hawkman waited for his hawk to finish its tale...

Hawkman was made by my girlfriend Mignon, who helped with more clay models and made some very nice ones herself. Check out her arts page.
The chair was made by me. The inspiration for Hawkman came from an AD&D Art picture in the Player's handbook (2nd edition).
The chair was made by modelling clay on a cardboard base, and then decorating it with small pieces of clay.
Hawkman is modelled over an iron wire skeleton with aluminium foil. You'll find an further explanation in my polymer clay modeling course.