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Zygomorf Zinigiberilias

In memory of Zygomorf Zinigiberilias

Zygo was a chaotic neutral wizard from the northern part of the Forgotten Realms*. He walked the realms for a few years, seeking fame and fortune.
He found both, proclaimed himself "the Great Manticore Slayer", got himself a nice tower, and got himself killed...
...more than once...
...until he met a few frost giants who finally convinced him he wasn't cut out for this life.

*part of the AD&D game world by TSR (now Wizards of the Coast). Zygomorf Zinigiberilias is a creation from the mind of my brother Guus Vergouwe, who roleplayed this character for 7 years.

Zygo is depicted with most of his belongings: his equipment frame, scrolls, potions, wands, staff, necklace with rings, and spell components.
The little bush on the left of Zygo is the only part which is not made of clay. It's a bit of plastic-like material used for creating shrubbery in landscapes for model trains. Usually I only use clay, but I had this left over, and it looked nice. The bottom in covered with a piece of felt.