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Finishing touches

Model the boots. Make some indentations to indicate the wrinkles in the leather.
You can add a nice detail by taking a little roll of Fimo, wrapping it around his boot, and adding a flat clay-disk at ankle height. You can also add laces at the back of the boots by criss-crossing tiny rolls of clay.

Give Dakius some hair. Use small, slightly flattened rolls of clay, and smooth these out over the head. Make stripes in the hair with a cocktail-stick.

I've put his two-handed sword on his back. Because I knew I would give him a cloak too, I've only modeled the handle and the point of the sword. Over it, I've modeled a thin sheet of Fimo for the cloak.

If you want, you can add some more details. I've added a little bottle on a string dangling from his belt.

So far for the modeling case of Dakius.
Harden your Dakius in the oven, following the instructions on the packet of clay.

After cooling, you can paint Dakius.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me.

P.S. I love to see your work, so if it's on the net, mail me the URL if you like.