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With the description from the introduction I learned a few things: there are a lot of swords involved, he's pretty muscled (strength 18/100 means very, very strong), and besides human appearance he has elven features too.

So how does he look like?
As said, he's muscular, but also very lean and dexterous, having to wield two swords at once. I'll set the twin swords in his hands and put him in some sort of fighting stance, or a more relaxed position.

I guess the arms and a bit of the chest part of his elven chain should be visible and shiny to inspire fear on his opponents.
Chain mail is also nice to model and to paint, so we'll have plenty of that.

I'm not quite sure about his appearance. Has he slim elven face or a broad human face? Pointy ears? Long white hair or a sort of black mane? This also depends on his background and alignment, I guess.
For now, I'll give him long hair, maybe in a pony-tail.

Now the two handed bastard sword. His hands are full and it's too big to rest on his hip, so I'll put it on his back. This means he's got to have a scabbard too. Should this be a nice leather scabbard or a woolen one? This depends on the place he's from. I think leather is best for temperate/forest settings and wool for a sub-arctic setting (scabbard made from white dire wolven fur).

Along with the scabbard comes a baldrick with a nice clasp. This can make a nice detailed Celtic clasp, if you like.

You can work a bit more on the details, or just go on to the next phase and add details as you go along.