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Dakius wields the twin swords of Kalish. If you add the swords at the end, as part of the details, they might break off. To be sure, make a wire armature for them. Do this after you've finished the armature for your model. You can then attach the sword armatures to the figure armature for extra strength.

To make the wire base for the swords take a length of wire (about 8" will do).
  • Stretch 2" of the wire, bend it and flatten it (see picture above). You can take any pair of pincers, big or small, to do the job.
  • Wrap it round the first part of the wire twice, stretch about a 1/2" of it, and bend it again.
  • Stretch 1", bend it, double it, and loop it around the lower part of the sword.
  • If you have some wire left, do not cut it all off, but leave about 2" at the bottom of the sword.
Your sword wire base should look like the picture on the left.

Now do the other sword. The hard part: it should look the same as the other one, because it have to be twin swords.
I didn't get them completely the same, but I hope I got close enough so it doesn't show.

If you're happy with the swords, attach them to the wire base of Dakius.

For each sword: close the hand on the sword and wrap the wire end you left on the sword around the arm.