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You can model dragon wings on a lot of different ways. They can be birdlike, batlike, finlike or they can look like bones with some fantasy texture between them. I like the last and the batlike wings best.


Batlike wings are easy to do to. Here's how I did the ones on the left:
  1. Make a fairly long roll of clay and add it to base layer of clay. Start at the top-left and work along the rim to the bottom. Smooth it out a bit.
  2. Take another roll of clay and add it beneath the first, starting at the top-left and then down, ending approx. 2 cm to the left of the first roll. Smooth it out a bit too.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 two or more times, depending on the wing span.
  4. Take a small, blunt object (the top of a crocket-hook will do) and push up the parts between the 'ribs' a bit to create a vine-like texture.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the back of the wing too. Make sure the 'ribs' are in the same position as on the front.
Attach part of the wing to the leg (by letting the wing clay touch the leg clay and smoothing a tiny roll of clay over it) to fix the wing position. If you keep the wing free it might break at the base (where it meets the shoulder) after baking.


With this dragon, most of the body is hidden because it lays flat on his belly and the wings are partly obscuring it. You can do the body in the same way you did the neck, continuing with the comb and the scales. Make sure you add a layer of clay to give the body more volume. I've left large parts of the body scale-less because I wanted to have a more reptile-like skin, not so full with scales as my previous dragon models.


dragon head The other dragon I made continued the comb and the scales on the tail. With this dragon, I left the tail almost completely smooth. You can do as you see fit. I like both types of dragon tails. At the end of the tail you can add the typical 'devil's tail' if you want an evil dragon (which I think he is, he didn't get his treasure hoard by politely asking, now did he?).