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Dragon on treasure hoard: finishing touch

Your dragon should be finished now. Because I wanted to add the hoard and didn't want to put my frail dragon on the scanner I haven't got any pictures of the intermediate stage. Peek at the pictures at the end of the next chapter to see the finished dragon.

Let you dragon rest awhile. Put it on a shelf or a corner somewhere in the living room and regard it from a distance. Just let it sit there, do other things. You'll see that from time to time you'll take a peek at your dragon and think 'oh, I should add some more clay to the left side of it's belly' or 'the horn on the right isn't completely straight', 'it should have more scales on the tail', etc.

That's good and it shows you you've taken a little distance from your model so you can see flaws you wouldn't see if you worked on it day and night and popped it in the oven rightaway.

Correct the flaws you can see and you are ready for the final challenge: adding the hoard.

If you're really eager to bake and paint your dragon you can also skip the hoard and put your dragon on a rock formation instead. Just add a layer of clay to the base, shape it with a flat tool into rocky boulder shapes and you've got a nice rock formation.

You can also bake your dragon before creating the treasure hoard. That way you can't damage it while working on the hoard. But beware, it's harder to get uncured clay to stick to baked clay, so be really sure you want to.