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Dragon on treasure hoard: the treasure hoard

Now we have finished the dragon itself, it's time to consider the hoard. What will be in it? Lots of gold or course, but just a bunch of gold isn't much fun. You can store the gold in pots, vases, chests, etc. Some sturdy chests are also good as an base for the dragon to lie upon.

In the remainder of this chapter I'll show how you some things you can put into your treasure hoard. Pictures of the finished model are at the end of the chapter.
To make a good foundation for your treasure hoard, begin at the bottom and work your way up, like a multi-layered wedding cake. This way you can add heaps of coins onto the lower parts of the hoards to create a believable hoard. If you just stick all the treasure to the sides of the base it won't look convincing. Consider gravity! A heap of coins won't just sit there, it will slide off if it isn't horizontal or stopped by the brim of a sack or pot.

Begin by adding a flat piece of clay to the base. This will be the side of a chest. Try to create an effect as if the rest of the chest is in the base and only this part sticks out. Add some wood groves with a cocktail stick.
Do the same, but with a smooth side to create another chest. This one is filled with coins*, so make to top horizontal, otherwise the coins fall off.
You can also make a bag to put the treasure in. Add a roughly square shape of clay to the base. Smooth it out by pushing it into folds, thus creating a bag.
To create a stone vase or pot, make a ball of clay, halve it and put the half onto the base. Smooth it out a bit. Push it in just below the top to create a rim.

Create coins by using an empty propellor pencil (0.5 mm should do). Add a roll of clay onto some part of the base, smooth it out a bit, then use the pencil to make the coins by pushing it into the clay.

Continue round the base, adding chests, bags, etc. until you're round. You now have a convincing base for putting more treasure on. Look at the items above to get an impression of what you can put in the hoard. I've got most of my idea's by looking at fantasy roleplaying pictures. Not just pictures with dragon hoards, but pictures of hero's and damsels as well. They are wearing lots of shiny things or magic things a dragon might want. If the dragon has looted a town it has lots of shiny armour bits, crows, mirrors etc. in it's hoard.

Create a pizza shaped piece of clay, halve it and put one half onto the base to create a dish. Add it halway to the top, so you have another part on which you can heap coins and stop them from sliding off.
Add little balls of clay in a row to create a pearl string. If you flatten the balls a bit and push them in with a cocktais stick, you create a nice chain. Add little jewels to make it even more impressing.
An unfortunate knight challenged the dragon. Now his armour lies as part of the treasure in the hoard. Use smoothened rolls of clay to create the armour parts.
The knight also left his magic sword. Stick part of a cocktail-stick into the hoard and cover it with clay. Flatten the lower part, create a handle and add a knob on the end.

You can add more and more to the treasure hoard. I don't think it can be overdone, after all, treasure is a dragon's obsession.
don't be afraid to partly cover earlier modeled treasure items. This only makes it more convicing. You can for example add a strings of pearls or a chain on top of a chest or heap of coins.