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Dragon's neck

neck Most dragon pictures I've seen show a dragon neck which is covered with rounded scales and cock's comb-like triagles on the upper side and covered with tile-like scales on the lower side.
To create the tile-like scales take a flattened roll of clay, press in onto the underside of the dragon neck (at the point where it meets the body), and smooth it out a bit (only on one side). Take another flat piece of clay and press it next to the first, partly overlapping the first piece of clay. Smooth it out a bit and continue to add flattened clay rolls until you reach to head of your dragon.
neck Now, add a layer of clay to the upper side of the dragon's neck. Add flat triagles of clay to create the spines, from the neck down to the dorsal spines and the back spines.

To create the rounded dragon scales, press an old paint brush from which you've removed the bristles into the clay. Create a nice pattern with it. You don't have to cover the whole neck with scales, you can group them a bit if you like. You can also use different sized brushes for an even more convincing scaled neck.