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Preparation: balance

It's a good idea to add a sketch which shows you the pose your figure is in. No flesh or clothing, just the bare bones.

The method he describes is quite easy: draw a line right down the middle of the pelvic bone. Then check if half the body's on the left, the other half on the right.

If not, you need to compensate of your figure will fall (in real life). For the figure I drew I did this by raising his right arm and putting his left foot nearer to the central line. Note that the book doesn't weigh anything because it's floating.

What you might notice from such a sketch, like the one the left, is the sense of balance the figure shows.

I found a nice method for drawing balanced figures in an anatomy book I own by Jenö Barcsay. I don't know if there's a English version of the book, it's originally in Hungarian and I found it in Dutch.