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This is't really a clay, but two-component epoxy putty.

It was developed for repairing metal and plastic pipes and stuff like that. Somewhere along the way some sculpter had the bright idea to use it for creating small clay figures. Nowadays, it's available as a real sculpting putty in the Games Workshop. But I think you can still find it in the hardware stores too.

Use epoxy only for creating small figures, like 35mm miniatures. I've never seen it used for creating bigger sculptures. I think that's because it is quite expensive.

There are two brands of epoxy putty I know of. The first is Kneadatite, the brand found in the Games Workshops. The second is Milliput. I've only used the first, so I'll base my strong and weak points rating on Kneadatite alone.

Strong points Weak points
Great for really tiny details Expensive
Hardens on air A bit awkward to work with

I forgot to tell how you use it. Kneadatite comes in two-component strips (yellow/blue). You cut a piece of the strip and knead it until it becomes green and very sticky. You then sculpt it onto a small iron wire armature. It dries in about an hour and is completely hardened after 24 hours. This way you can work in layers; first the basic layer (e.g. an arm), then the big muscles (e.g. biceps, triceps), then a third layer with veins and details (e.g. bracers).