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Essential sculpting tools

These, I think, is the minimum set of tools for sculpting with polymer clay. Good news! They're not expensive. Most of the tools you may have already lying around.

  • a small knife; essential for cutting out flattened pieces of clay and scraping bits of clay of your model
  • cocktail-stick; very good for precision work and very cheap
  • crochet-hook or knitting needle; has a nice rounded edge and a smooth steel handle. essential for smoothing out (little) uneven spots.

Look around! There are great modeling tools everywhere you look. Most of them are free too.
When the need arises you'll find just the tool you need right on your desk.

Q: Do I need a pasta machine?
A: Not necessarily. Polymer clay can be conditioned by kneading it and you can roll out balls of clay with a knitting-needle. A pasta machine is handy when you need to make a lot of big, flat pieces of clay.