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Kae t'il

Kae t'il is the new AD&D roleplaying character of my brother Guus. His old character Zygo was crushed by giants and couldn't be raised from the dead.
Kae t'il is bit strange figure with psyonic and spychokenetic abilities. In the model I made, he has just transformed his right hand into a steel-hard battle axe!

The model is about 28mm high (34mm including the axe) and was made using a self made iron wire frame on which I sculped Kneadatite in several layers. It was especially fun to do the muscles. You can really work in layers, doing the bare arms first, then model the basic musles on it and finishing with another muscle layer. In contrast, the head was the hardest part. I first sculped it separately from the body, but after creating 3 heads of different sizes with none of them fitting the size of the body, I got smart and sculped it right on the body!