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Materials: clay

There are a lot of clays around. There's the air-dried clay, which doesn't need an oven but hardens just by exposing it to the air. There's epoxy clay, which is a two-component putty that can be used to model very small figures and miniatures with, and there's polymer clay which hardens in an regular oven. The last is the most popular and known clay for making dolls, figures, jewelry, and sculptures. If I talk about clay in the course, I usually mean this type of clay.

Polymer clay comes in a wide range of brands, each with it's own special qualities. Therefore I've devoted a separate page to each of the clays, for so far I know the clays and used them.*

Judging clays is a highly subjectual activity, which means some people can really like some clay because of a property while others really hate the same clay because or this property (like stickyness or kneadability).
If you feel I have totally misjudged a brand of clay or haven't mentioned it at all while it's your favourite clay, please let me know!

If you've already got got clay, you can skip this part and jump directly to the armature materials